The Reason to choose ANGEL BANK as your consultant. Why ANGEL BANK can deliver and what's so different?

★What is so unique and special about ANGEL BANK than many others?


ANGEL BANK can deliver you the BEST & CORE TECHNOLOGIES to meet your needs,



★Why the reason you should choose ANGEL BANK as your consultant?


  1. The Super Creative Talent and Author, Rei Sakanoue. (The CEO)

  2. The wide range human network in many fields of business in mostly Japan and India.

  3. Rei Sakanoue has many her fans and her group that holds many important people.

  4. Very much into the core and deep information before it comes out.

  5. Tied up with CPA association and law firms, as our Agent

  6. Tie up with the small- middle size companies association of Japan.

  7. Rei Sakanoue can meet with almost anybody in Japan ( as an author)

  8. Angel Bank’s systemized team work with other professionals above-mentioned.

★Because these is REI SAKANOUE’


  1. Rei Sakanoue is an author and very much into the deep underground information.


  1. Non-fiction type of Author’s research is truly amazing and specific!


  1. Rei Sakanoue as an Author is into the information even before to come out in society.


  1. Rei Sakanoue is an Author so that she can meet with almost anybody.


  1. Because Rei Sakanoue is an Author and a musician and the leader of Mamoru-Kai, she can meet with the top class people. (Not just one of those)


  1. Rei Sakanoue and her group (more than 6000 members all over Japan) itself has many TOP level technologies’ small and middle size companies as well as many important positioned people.


  1. Because of Rei Sakanoue’s way of living and her faith and philosophy, she has many fans and supporters all over Japan and the importance of relationship is deep and very different from any other normal just business men or government officers. So, her fans in all over Japan do what Rei asked.


  1. Because Rei Sakanoue is a Jazz singer and Author and Novelist, she has special bond and affections and respect from many people even though some people are afraid of her (since she writes truth and never compromise her faith and live in justice.)

★Because there is Ms.Veena Singh


  1. Born in the royal old family and has been watching how the nation of India grew up and changed with her father, Shri Arjun Singh.


  1. She has been helping and saving many people’ life and death problem.


  1. She always prays for God that he guide her to do what is the right thing to do in God’s eyes, rather than just following after money. She has a dignity and compassion and loves India so much.



  1. She has a class and virtures and her back ground in India is remarkable.