Rei Sakanoue's Books & Novels


"The President became an Angel" No.1 to No.8 was wrote about nearly 23 years ago. Rei 


In those days, America and Japan and the whole world was very different than the present time, which is 23 to 21 years later. 


But Rei Sakanoue wrote what will happen in a future and what kind of world is going to be, in her novel. 


She had some kind of preperceptive power to see and catch the future.


Rei Sakaoue could see through the real core essence of things and age.

REI SAKAOUE (REIKO)'s Thesis and book

Japanese Disease 


Japanese Disease Comes out Manual & Work book


DVD and Movie:  Japanese Disease Comes out Manual 3 DVD in one. 



This book tells what is really going on right now behind the seems and what kind f world it will become. 

And HOW TO SURVIVE in this big change of the power balance paradigm of the world.  

WHY is the country that has the TOP technologies sinking and destroying ?


To know the reality, so that we fall into despair.

But without knowing the truth and the correct despair, we will never able to own a real hope in braveness.