Lecture & Seminar

How to make a very BEST of advantage out of the venture business association with Japanese and Japanese company.


Try to avoid the tragedy between the culture difference and so many other misunderstandings.


We will guide and sort out the way how to get together and create even greater power in the venture business or partnership with Japanese.


The VIRTUE without Economy is pseudologia.


The ECONOMY without Virtue is a crime.

Angel Bank is going to give a lecture and seminars and marketing strategy class to your company and your stuff, your management team, in order to be more successful and build a long term business based on VIRTUE and The long time trust with partners.


These are the BENEFITS you can get from our seminar.


1. The smart marketing strategy and method ever. 


2. Systematic sales promotion


3.  Make more income systematically


4.  Success of your business and increase of sales


5. You don't misunderstand and miscommunicate with your business partners like Japanese.


6.  Based on the virtue, Indian and Japanese both build a solid and trustworthy relationship.


7.  The business relationship based on virtue is much profitable for both in a long run than just following after instant money.