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Creative Producer                   Rei Sakanoue

The world politics and economy are changing everyday rapidly and the common sense in business today may not be remaining the same forever as needs and markets are also changing and moving. 


When I came to India for the first time was 27 years ago. And I used to live in India in the Indian family. In a way, I know India much more than these days young Indians. 

Many Indian say that I am much more than Indian and very much into the Indian society. 

So that people in India has no discrimination when they look at me, even though my passport is issued by Japan. 


In those days, India was pretty slow going in the peaceful life style. Now it seems like everything is going to change and in a way I feel sad and missing feeling a bit since I also loved the old days of Indian way of life and mind. 


But from the economy point of view, India became the one of the best market in the world and growing it up without depending on other big nations’ economy situation too much. 

Which means, the ex-government administrative power made India as a country to economically stand-alone nation, so that India should not be so much influenced by the world financial crisis, mostly from UK and US. 


I know many Indian companies and state governments need the investment and top class technologies from the develop countries. 


And I hesitate to say this but the almost all the remarkable cutting edge high technology and the core technology and highly skilled workers and innovators are Japanese and Japanese companies. 


In order for you to make your business grow up and level up the technology, you truly need the top level technologies as well as the core technology and the skilled workers!


Japan can offer what you need perfectly. Better to get the best one that is from Japan. 


But how do you find that? 


There are four major problems at this time in front of your company.

1.  The Japanese technologies are too expensive. Unaffordable. 


2.  The almost all the core and cutting edge technologies, the small-middle size Japanese companies have those. But they are hidden under the big name like Mitsubishi or Sumitomo, IHI and so on. 

HOW DO YOU FIND such small-middle size Japanese companies that hold the real workers and real core technologies?

There are TOO MANY and it is impossible to find the right one. 

    (Needless to say, Embassy and government service cannot be of help so much since they are not into the real core information enough.) 


3.  Culture and language barriers and difficulty of move around in Japan, and it is difficult to find a trustworthy business venture partner in Japan. 


4.  How to get along with Japanese and how to work together to make benefit and even dabble the profit? The differences of how to work and act.




We, Angel Bank can be the smart solution for to solve these problem. 


Angel Bank can be your convenient hands and feet to find what you want and we can also be your brain to negotiate the price on your side to get what you want in a way both can be happy.


We can also introduce you the trustworthy business venture partner and companies.


And not only that, we can do the educating consulting to both side how to get along to work smoothly without any problem in a future. 



We can operate the consultancy to make use of your company business and marketing. 


We can make a big difference in your business and make it break through to the next level for sure. 


Please use us for your own benefit and we work hard to bring you more growth in a long run!!


If you want to contact us, please fill in the form from the icon of “CONTACT”. We will get you back soon. 


Thank you for this fortune to meet you through our web site.


God bless you.

Rei Sakanoue